Site Information




Site Information

To help ensure a smooth and trouble-free start to your project could you please read the following information.

As we are about to start work on your site, we kindly request the following:

  • That any requests or issues on site be discussed generally first with one of the supervisors before approaching staff or subcontractors, although all our workers are more than happy to help or assist.
  • That any children and visitors are kept away from the work area and stored materials in the interest of safety. If there are any issues for you, please discuss with the Builder.
  • At various times during the project, the builder will need access to the existing dwelling – this can be discussed as required.
  • Pets are the responsibility of the owners, as most times we will need the side access to be open while workers are on site.
  • If street parking is limited or in some cases unavailable, we ask if you could please make room in the driveway when contractors are scheduled.
  • The on-site waste Skip bin is for the contractors use only, if you would like to make use of the bin, please talk with the Builder.
  • We will supply a Dilapidation Report on the existing dwelling, but please discuss with the Builder any issues not raised.
  • Products are to be chosen from our friendly and trusted suppliers, where they will be able to help you in making your choice of a suitable item or fixture. If you decide on a product from other than one of our suppliers, we ask you to have examples and full specifications available. There will be a section inside of the relevant form for you to upload those examples. Please note, choices or products not from our suppliers may incur additional costs as they are outside the range in the Quotation, or you may be asked to supply the items to site, at your cost, resulting in a Variational deduction from the Contract amount.
  • All variations will attract a ‘Builders Margin Fee’ of 30% in addition to the retail cost of the item or product.

If there are any issues with any of these requests, please contact the builder and we will be happy to try and work around any issues.

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